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SGP Presents Predictable
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Who is Julie Miyamoto?
  • desk jockey
  • EXTREMELY part-time
    • writer
    • illustrator
    • modeler
    • animator
    • gamer
  • all-around flake
  • just this gal, ya know?

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When are updates scheduled?
Updates are when content is made. My biggest weakness is a patent inability to finish anything I start, particularly when it requires completion in sequence. The best place to check for update notifications is Facebook and/or Google+.

Why are updates so sporadic?
Short answer: I have the beginnings of arthritis/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and a diminishing energy. I can't keep up with my previous pace of enthusiastic visual absurdity.

Why do you keep mentioning this [see previous question]?
Because it feels like I'm not getting my point across. [I am/have been considered to be part of a peer community that heavily criticizes a lack of progress, something I resent more the harder it is to get myself motivated even without outside stressors. I may also just be grumpier than I used to be.]

Do you take commissions?
The short answer is no. The unabridged answer is yes, with severe restrictions.

Construction much underway. Last updated 03:50 17 September 2011.
Last update: 2009 Nano book published at Lulu [see more info]
Current project: SGP Sketches Current excuse: SO LITTLE TIME